About the Partnership



As Blackpool schools, we have reached a pivotal moment - The landscape of education is changing rapidly as are the demands placed upon us to strive to achieve and sustain the mantel of good and outstanding schools. Many of the traditional support mechanisms that we have

Helping to shape Blackpool children's futures.

previously relied upon for school development have either gone or have changed significantly. More than any other time, the need for school to school partnership and mutual support is critical.


Over the past few years, schools in Blackpool have recognised, and benefitted from, the opportunities to collaborate and work in partnership. These have included small scale partnerships focusing on short life projects as well as larger scale partnerships like BASHH and Blackpool Primary Partnership. Such partnerships have blossomed as schools have shared good practice, established new and effective approaches and developed innovative solutions to many development challenges.


Collaboration has also brought many other benefits such as economies of scale, collective training needs and shared workload. Equally important has been the mutual support and guidance that has been provided formally and informally in response to a range of significant challenges.


The Blackpool Schools Partnership supports the offer of partnership to all sectors. It's main areas of focus are:-

  • Supporting Network and working party development
  • Commissioning key themed developments derived from annual audits of need
  • Celebrate and share activity programmes in Blackpool schools via the website
  • Providing CPD conferences for Heads, Deputies/AHT and the Blackpool Conference using National speakers as a catalyst for inspiration
  • Providing three cluster INSET activities per year based on agreed themes
  • Investigate opportunities for school to school support and challenge
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