Science Curriculum

Why science?


“Science gives you understanding, and understanding….not only gives you power, but it also gives you a heck of a lot of fun!  Almost everything we do in the modern world has a science underlying it. …You have to know something about it in order to make up your own mind.”   

Sir David Attenborough


Blackpool teachers say that science gives children opportunities to…

  • ask questions – be curious, be inquisitive.

  • gain confidence to explore through trial and error.

  • gain a desire to find out more.

  • understand risk and cause and effect.

  • gain knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

  • acquire skills and the ability to enquire.

  • have fun – enjoy learning.

  • progress to a wide range and breadth of jobs that are based on what is learned through science.  Our pupils are our future doctors, engineers, physicists, …

  • solve real world problems.


“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.”  Carl Sagan



What does science look, feel and sound like in your school?

What three words sum up science in your school?

Introduction here with links to Science website.

What the project is and what it offers?

This is a constantly developing product that including detailed guidance for teaching the new Primary Science Currciulum with a Blackpool focus, using local resources created by teachers for teachers.


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