Pupil Premium
This new working party has been formed from a national and local need to address the “gap” in student attainments between “pupil premium” students and the rest.  Inspired by the local council vision and national pupil premium champion (Sir John Dunford) the group examine the strategies, best practices, organisational needs, finances, professional development and practices to improve the performance of pupil premium students.
The group understand that there is no “one” methodology that is applicable for all schools nor a separate PP strategy and so will try to offer a snapshot of opportunities that can support an integrated, collective or personal development. We also all understand that “more” does not necessarily mean “better” and that our focus on “quality” rather than quantity will be our priority. Nevertheless, the information on the attached icons are a collection of opportunities for you to select from. We also believe that the prime responsibility for PP students is everybody within our family of schools and that responsibility does not lie in one person’s role. The key development work will be based on research by EEF and John Hattie’s top impact themes. The group will also explore discussion themes surrounding a schools values, partnership links and innovative practices to further impact on improvement to pupil premium students. We hope the information contained is helpful. If you wish to be involved please contact dave.brennand@blackpool.gov.uk.